Clip CBL-ACP diplomatic days


Meeting with our people in Dar es Salaam:
Discussion about the possibilities with Credendo, local partnerships in the future, starting up !

Meeting Tanzani March 2017

Product presentation in Kitui – Kenya


Waterdam Kitui – Kenya


Kitui, Kenya,
On March 24th 2017, Zonpunt has his first product presentation on Solar Solutions in Kenya:

  1. Rural Solar Electrification – for Hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, schools, etc
  2. Solar Water Purification kits
  3. Solar Education Transfer for Polytechnics, Training Schools, etc

Mr . Richard Matheka is presenting

As a Belgian based company we will be honored with the presence of the Belgian Trade Commissioner Mr. Ivan Korsac with whom you could discuss various development agendas.

Place to be :
Friday March 24th from 8.30am-12.30pm
Parkside Ville hotel – Kitui
contact Richard@zonpunt.be -Cell: +254 727 539 492, +254 765 253265


We are happy to announce we have an agreement for Kenya & Tanzania to install and distribute water treatment technology from the Belgium company Sotrad Water. More information is following


We are happy to announce that, from today,  Mrs. Anna Magambo,  will represent Zonpunt Tanzania.

With Zonpunt we deliver solar products and solutions in Kenya and Tanzania

We are experienced designers, suppliers and installers of solar PV plants for homes, businesses, schools, community centers and industrial sheds. We provide our clients with relevant up to date information, in order to help them take the necessary steps to guarantee their solar PV project is a success. We have off- and on-grid solutions for lighting, cooling, pumps and all other applications.

For potential dealers, schools and universities Zonpunt  provide training :

 A new approach of the alternative energy market in Tanzania:

An innovative approach combining vocational training in renewable energy, enterprise and job creation.

Local economic development that can be replicated across the country in all regions focusing on helping its graduates and unemployed or underemployed adults in surrounding communities to become entrepreneurs and create new businesses and generate jobs.

With this approach we want to create clients who serve the local communities.